To provide an enrichment, connection to community and empowerment to youth living in and around the Near North Minneapolis and surrounding areas.





After-school activities range from extra-curricular activities (school-based clubs or teams), to comprehensive after-school programs (school or community-based), to private lessons, and specialized tutoring or mentoring programs targeted towards specific needs. All of these factors are important for families, the aspect of programs that affects kids the most is their quality. Research suggests that participation in structured after-school programs and activities can have benefits for kids, including social skills, emotional development, and academics. But the quality of and the child’s engagement in a program both influence the impact it will have. Below are some of our areas of focus:


  • Peer to peer tutoring

  • Field trips 

  • Spelling Bee's 

  • Arts n Crafts with resident teaching artists 

  • Community revitalization projects (more information below)

  • Healthy cooking and eating demonstrations

  • Points system for in school time 



Community Service Projects

Community service projects provide an enriching experience for youth that connects them to their community and allows them to take ownership of their community. When young people feel included and have a sense of ownership they tend to take pride in their spaces and their belongings. 


A Few Project Examples

  • Neighborhood clean up partnership with Cleaning for Change

  • Volunteering regularly at the Humane Society 

  • Yard work execution for elderly neighbors

  • Cooking a meal for the local fire department and or first responders



Health and Wellness 

We can teach our children to grow up with an attitude of wellness. Children have much more control over their own health than you may think. The mind is a very powerful mechanism with miraculous control over health and healing. The more children learn to use the extraordinary powers of their minds and bodies the healthier and happier they will be. At Building Blocks we believe that providing physical activities combined with mentally stimulating activities the aspect of child wellness can be turned around. 

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Hours / Location

The Building Blocks Youth Program offers out of school time programming for youth K- 12th grade.

Our program schedule is as follows:



Monday - Thursday / 4:00PM to 7:00PM 



2205 Golden Valley Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Inside The Commons at Penn Building